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Genealogy Online For Dummies: Dummy Survived Genealogical Research

The learning process for genealogists is a continuous challenge. Thus, information have started to explode over the internet. These brought family historians in the world of high technology. Everybody is acquainted with personal computers, websites, and emails. What makes this endeavor rewarding and fascinating is the passion for exploring new things.

The problem is that if you failed to track information then the problem comes. Say for instance, you cannot distinguish which materials are good for your genealogy research. Keep your patience. There is always a solution to it.

One of the most popular sources of information which have started to dominate genealogy research is dummy books. Genealogy Online for Dummies authored by April Leigh Helm and Matthew L. Helm is the latest addition. This book has five parts which is very helpful on guiding you to find your family history.

Beginners as well as those who are starting to research on the internet can find the tips on Part 1 and Part 2 of this book useful for conducting genealogy research. Valuable pointers regarding surnames, ethnic research, government records, and geographical locations are provided.

The most important part of this book is found in Part 4. You can learn about the ten internet genealogical publications, ten guidelines on how to design genealogy webpage, ten genealogy beginner’s sites, and ten guidelines for a smooth sailing genealogical research. Yellow pages containing various sites listings and descriptions are also included. This will enable dummies to have a definite guide when searching the internet.

Exploring websites can be more fun using this directory. Every section on the search engines enables you to obtain the most significant information provided by robots known as spiders. One common mistake done by first timer online genealogists is to go directly on a search engine and type the surname which they are looking. Then they are surprised by the results. Following these tips can prevent these conflicts.

One amazing feature of this book is that it is also available on CDs. Various shareware and commercial programs (Mac and Windows versions), utilities, and multimedia tools are found useful by genealogists.

Keep in mind that not everything is provided by websites or computers. You cannot carry your laptop everywhere even though it is already portable. But books are simply amazing.

Beginner genealogists have rated this book as really cool and informational. Successful genealogy research must start with a plan and orientation about the computer equipment to use. Chronological procedures are provided using certain websites.

Another point of interest in this book is the database of land patent from the previous GLO (General Land Office) provided through the BLMESO (Bureau of Land Management’s Eastern State Office). People have the chance to download copies of their early ancestor’s land patents. Some considered this book a good source for every genealogist. It covers not only what is found on websites but also amazing tips on acquiring important genealogical skills.

As your research progresses, you can also discover ways on preserving photos and notes and organizing records. You will also be acquainted on planning trips for genealogical research as well as useful strategies. Numerous resources developed on websites are offered to help you find your family history including foreign archives and sources.

Beginners are dummies no more. Genealogy Online for Dummies has made a big difference.

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