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Genealogy Software: Tips on Finding the Right One

Genealogy has become the hobby and the passion of a lot of people from all over the world. They give importance on finding their self identities and self pride by uncovering the legacy of their family. Genealogy research can be more fun and enjoyable andiIt can bring your entire present family member together to create a project in which everybody can contribute. Regardless of your reasons, genealogy software is still your best tool for researching your past.

Genealogy research can include numerous tools that are easy to utilize. It helps in discovering and organizing your research. One typical example is the organizational tools. It can connect people according to relationships, combine people in the family trees, locate entries in duplicates, and help in recognizing problems. Genealogy software can be used for individual or entire family research.

Genealogy software can give you comprehensive charts and reports for organizing your research as well as for viewing the development of your genealogy research. To find the right genealogy software, you need to read genealogy articles, stories, and complete reviews. You will invest your money, so make sure that it’s worth it.

It does not matter if you are a professional genealogy researcher or a weekend genealogist as long as you choose the best genealogy software program. This can make a big difference in the course of your research. You will be more satisfied with the information you are getting. Recording, reviewing, and accessing information is easy and fun. Make sure that you know important criteria that you need to rate.

-Easy to use. Genealogy software must be user friendly to meet the needs of both beginners and expert computer users. The programs are easy to explore and well organized.

-Easy to setup and install. The genealogy software has simple and straightforward instruction for computer installations and setting up. As much as possible there is no confusing steps or errors.

-Featured set. Genealogy software is equipped with all necessary features for organizing and researching the family tree which include charts, reports, web access, searching capabilities, and other useful ways of storing data.

Various charts and reports include:

Ancestor charts. It contains the direct line of the person’s ancestors. In this manner, he or she can see the exact length of the line from way back then.

Narrative reports of the ancestors. These reports are written in a story form similar with books beginning from a specific individual and then followed by his or her lineage. Sharing this research to your friends and family members can be fun.

Family charts. This shows the whole families which include the wife, husband, and children.

-Provides help and documentation. The developer of genealogy software must provide help in various forms. It can include FAQs, phone support and email, product tutorial, and online course. This is very useful for helping anyone to learn the programs and use it. They can also access consumer support conveniently.

Using the latest breakthrough in technology is a one great technique to find your family history in a faster and more convenient way. Try it for a new research experience.

Tips on Choosing the Best Genealogy Testing Company in Canada

Tips on Choosing the Best Genealogy Testing Company in Canada

People who are living in Canada should educate themselves regarding the basics of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and genetic genealogy fundamentals if they wanted to know their family history.
However, the easiest way to do it is to test their DNA before starting their DNA research. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right DNA testing company.

1.Know the person who will take charge of your DNA testing. Keep in mind that the DNA or genetic picture is a portion of you. You need to asses their expertise and professionalism when administering and handling your DNA sample. You should not gamble such test because the success of your genealogy research depends on it.

2.Learn if the company is following the set standard associated with genealogy research. This is important when comparing results from one testing company to another. You should be aware that the new industry or new technology is lacking the conformability and standards among competing organizations. This is because the early DNA testing promoters were only quick in selling without any concern to adhere to the industry’s standards.

3.Ask the company about the markers they are using. The markers or loci can be chosen from mutation rates, reproducibility, and variability in populations. The procedure that is very challenging in genealogical studies is to find a locus having a better mutation rates. Variability is needed so that every male who undergoes the same tests would not acquire the same value.

4.Make sure that the results are reliable. The samples that are processed in the company’s laboratory should be tested in duplicates. Likewise, be processed by batches. Every processed specimen should be independently reviewed by bio-analysts. Duplication testing is done to ensure the procedure’s integrity. As much as possible, the company uses negative test and multiple positive controls to maintain the validity of results. Choose a company who considers your DNA tests a very important procedure in your life.

5.The company’s DNA laboratory must be internationally accredited of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 17025 in connections with all services on human identification and AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) for testing parentage. This is to ensure that the testing process of your DNA is done with great precautions. Thus, contaminations are always prevented.

When you choose an accredited DNA laboratory in connection with the internal control system, it ensures that the DNA testing as well as analysis is performed under an international recognized DNA laboratory protocols. This can give you more reliable and accurate results.

6.Make sure that the testing company can discuss your DNA results clearly. All the resources and important tools are provided to properly assess genetic results. Moreover, the company has a genealogy specialist who is ready to assist and answer your questions regarding your genealogical pursuits. Consulting services for genetics and professional research is also present.

7.Online resources which focus on database matching, status tracking, surname search, and others are also accessible from the company. This helps project coordinators track, organize, interpret, and grow from their projects.

Now, any Canadian can fulfill their task of finding their family history. A dream come true for them.

Tips to Create Your Own Free Genealogy Site

The internet is such a vast resource of important and needed information. It has a lot of uses that many individuals find very useful in their everyday life. Now, even genealogy has a place in this great and infinite resource.

Genealogy research involves extensive research and verifications. For those who are clueless what genealogy is, it is the study of a family tree or family trees. If you’re interested in knowing your past and want to know how your life ended that way it is now, then you’d better come up with your own genealogy tree or family tree.

Once you find out several generations included in your family tree, then perhaps you might want to share it to the whole world for free. Yes, that is truly possible. This can happen if you create your very own free genealogy site. But how will you do it?

Even if you havent completed your family tree, and is still looking for some pieces of the puzzle, having your own genealogy site is such an advantage. This can generate interest that can lead you to discovering new information. The software programs offered for genealogy research are much better now because they provide this special opportunity to the people. By submitting alternately your GEDCOM file to the many genealogy sites, you can have your history and name present on the web for all people to see. There are also other alternatives in store for you like using a hosting service. You can make your very own site at Yahoo GeoCities and other hosting websites. If you’re a first time user, you may find it quite difficult to opt for this alternative because they have a lot of restrictions.

So you are left with the only alternative of creating, developing, and publishing your personalized genealogy site. This involves purchasing your domain name, as well as web hosting. You can use HTML editors that offer free service or you can use your own HTML editor like that of Microsoft’s FrontPage.

If you opt for the last alternative, then you can make use of these tips:

1.Your web page must contain a title that is catchy and easy to remember. This is a very critical decision that your family should decide together.
2.Your header, or first paragraph, must contain all the surnames of principal families that were researched. Try to incorporate certain words like family tree, ancestors, family history, and genealogy.
3.Search engines and visitors look for content quality especially on your home page. It would be best to compose several paragraphs about your family history, and dont forget to provide links to detailed pages. Try to limit the pictures contained on your home page; instead, provide links to other family photographs.
4.Make sure that your site has a good navigation system, like text links and navigation buttons.
5.Meta tags are very important because it improves your tanking in search engines.
6.To improve traffic in your site, be sure to provide other genealogy sites. Links are very essential.
7.Prominently display your email address so that you can be contacted easily.

Following the tips mentioned above can help you in coming up with a good and free genealogy site that your entire family can be proud of.