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Hi guys. I am back to writing and will be updating the website. I have locked the paid files for now and will fix that later.

The first series of Southwest Virginia Genealogy Letter series is complete and has 25 volumes – no letter X. I will also be adding real paperbacks that Amazon will send to you for a higher price because of the printing costs.

My next big project is adding the Trayer line of files which may repeat some names but is a different file. There are over 40,000 names so this file is like twice the amount of the first series that was 20,000 plus names.

I will be working on it through the summer and will be adding them as I can. Protection Status Protected by CopyrightSpot

This is the website for all things about Southwest Virginia Genealogy.

As most people know this is an important melting pot area for people to have met and married in the expansion of America. The Scott County area is famous for the Wilderness Road and most families had to travel through here to go to other parts of the country. This are has a natural gap that let people travel trhough the mountains.

From this a lot of people met for the first time and married and then spread out all over the country.

I have started a series of books that are available on Amazon as electronic books, or ebooks. These books can be viewed on Kindle, your computer, and other book reading devices. View the books page for more information.

I am unable to provide you with my actual books here due to my agreement with Kindle. You will need to go there and purchase. I do have other files that you can access here that are about some of my immediate family and the paid section has some other information.

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