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Mormon Church Genealogy: Knowing About the History of Mormons

There is no question that religion is definitely needed in a man’s daily life. It gives you a sense of purpose and it also gives you a moral guide. Today, one of the most popular religion and part of the Christian religion is the Latter Day Saint movement or more commonly called as Mormon.

However, not many people know about the genealogy of the Mormon Church. Mormon is considered to be adherents to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. According to history, the term “Mormon” came from the Book of Mormon. This particular book is a religious text that a person named Joseph Smith, Jr. translated. The book contains information about the history of early inhabitants of the Americas and was written and compiled by a prophet called Mormon.

You have to consider that Mormons are neither Protestants nor the members of this religious sect does not consider themselves as a large part of Christianity. However, they do consider themselves as Christians who also believes in Jesus Christ and on what He stood for.

The Mormon’s history is definitely not a very pleasant one. They have struggled and have faced prosecution from other religion and other sect of Christianity. According to the Book of Mormon, the prophet Mormon who lived in the Americas during the 4th century was called by God to compile records about his people and compile it in a single book.

After Mormon’s death, his son named, Moroni witnessed the persecution and complete destruction of his people. He is also the person who buried the original Book of Mormon in a hill called Comorah, which is now called upstate New York.

After 1400 years, Moroni was said to have been sent by God as a messenger to a man named Joseph Smith, Jr. Smith was then sent by Moroni to the book’s burial place and was instructed to translate it into English. Claiming that Smith dont even know about the language that was written in the book, he translated the Book of Mormon completely and accurately. These miraculous events have made Smith as a prophet of God.

However, the struggle of the Mormon people didnt end there. Smith was murdered in 1844 by a mob in a Carthage, Illinois jail. After that terrible year, most of the followers of Latter-day Saints began following Brigham Young who became president of his denomination. He then proceeded to an Exodus to Salt Lake City in Utah, which has now the largest population of Mormons all over the world. Other claimants to the Church presidency led their followers to other locations all over the United States, and some stayed behind Nauvoo, Illinois.

Up until this day, the term “Mormon” was used to describe Brigham Young’s group in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, the other smaller groups have adopted the Latter Day Saints and have made efforts to reject the use of the word “Mormon” to describe their group. They claimed that it made no reference to Jesus on which the Church of Mormon and Latter Day Saints Church is their central figure.

You have to understand that Mormon are very different in terms of theology, practice and culture among other religious sect, such as Mennonites, Religious Society of Friends, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Amish.

These are the genealogy of the Mormon Church. As you can see, Mormons are quite different from other Christian religion and other forms of religious Sect.

Genealogy of Jesus: Knowing About the Genealogy of the Savior

Genealogy of Jesus: Knowing About the Genealogy of the Savior

Everybody knows Jesus and everybody knows what he stands for and what he did for all mankind. However, you have to consider how Jesus came to this world and who his ancestors were. Besides, without his ancestors, there wouldnt even be any Jesus. You have to consider that you also have to be thankful for Jesus’ ancestors because without them, there wouldnt be any savior at all and Christianity wouldnt have existed.

Many people lives following the words of Christ and God. Many people have integrated the words of God through Christ in their life and let it serve as a daily guide on how to live their life. You have to consider that a lot of people follow Christ and even though Christ was born and spread the word of God thousands of years ago, Christianity and Jesus Christ are still alive in many people’s hearts.

So, where did Jesus come from and who were his ancestors? If you read the bible, you will know about Christ’s genealogy as stated in the book of Matthew and Luke. You will see that Jesus’ genealogy is traced back to King David and from there, it goes back to Abraham. However, there are significant differences about the genealogy of Christ between the two books. In Abraham up to King David, the genealogy is quite similar. However, starting from King David, Matthew and Luke explains the genealogy quite differently.

In Matthew, you will see that it will start with Solomon and the lineage will proceed to the kinds of Judah and includes Jeconiah. From there, it skipped up to four generations. You will also see that the genealogy of Jesus will state that Jesus Christ is the legal heir to the throne of Israel.

In Luke, you will see that it will also start with King David. However, it will proceed with the different son of King David. Instead of King Solomon as stated in Matthew, you will see that Luke states that the lineage of Jesus will start with King David’s other son named Nathan. The two different genealogies have been debated by historians and genealogists for years. Up until today, the debate is still on going and many theories and facts are coming out.

You will see that all will be quite confusing and very difficult to explain. There are quite a lot of people involved and some people even said that the genealogy of Jesus is quite impossible to interpret because of the contradicting genealogy written by Matthew and Luke.

However, no matter how complicated it is, you still have to consider that Jesus is still considered as the son of God. His mother, Mary is considered to give birth to Jesus Christ as a virgin. You have to consider that whatever the genealogy of Jesus is, he is still considered to be the savior of man.

If you like to see more of Jesus’ genealogy, you can read the Bible from the Gospels, Matthew 1:2-16 and Luke 3:23-38. You can have your own theories but at the end, Jesus will still be considered as the savior of man.

Canadian Genealogy: Knowing About Your Canadian Roots

Today, there are a lot of people who dont know about their family’s past for many reasons. Some have been separated, some have personal family issues, and others were affected by historical events that changed their family’s lives forever.

Canada is a country rich in culture and history. You have to consider that a lot of people have migrated and lived in Canada and started a family. If you have Canadian ancestry in your blood and you want to find out more about your family and what happened to them, you can hire a genealogist to help you with your quest.

There are Canadian genealogists today who offer their services for a fee. You have to consider that researching for your ancestry alone can be very difficult. With a genealogist, you can be sure that you will be able to trace your genealogy at the fastest time possible and with little effort in your part. A genealogist will know what documents to look for and where to look for it. They will also organize all the documents and provide you with a copy of it or in some cases, some genealogists even provides you with the original copy of the documents.

You can even take it a step further by getting information about what happened to your extended relatives. For many reasons, people try and find out about their family’s past. Some say that they do it to find out more about themselves, and there are also others who do this to put up a family tree. There are also people who want to know about their family’s medical past to know about a mysterious medical condition that has been plaguing their family for years.

However, you have to admit the fact that finding out about your family’s past can be fun and exciting. For instance, you may even find out that you are a relative of someone famous. Or, you may even find out that you have a different race and not entirely of Hispanic blood. For example, in the United States, an African American man began researching his family’s history and found out that he was a relative of a wealthy Hispanic plantation owner back in the days where plantations and slavery existed.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of surprises that you can come across with if you research about your Canadian ancestry. However, you have to consider that it will take quite a while to search all the document archives. You have to realize that depending on how long you are willing to look back in your family, you have to expect that it will take a long time to retrace your roots if you are willing to look back on a lot of years.

Although it will take quite a long time and you will encounter a lot of dead ends, you have to consider that with patience and determination, you will be able to know about your Canadian ancestry. Always remember that you have to be patient as genealogy is a complex process where there will be lost or misplaced documents among thousands of other documents available.